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Are you a tow or impound yard looking for a secure, efficient, and hassle-free way to sell vehicles? Welcome to VehiSwap, a dedicated platform that brings together licensed auto dealers and auto dismantlers ready to bid on your vehicles.

We believe in creating a seamless, efficient, and transparent selling experience. As your trusted partner, we handle the entire process, ensuring you can focus on what matters most – your core business operations.

1. Register (Complete both steps A & B)

A. Begin by filling out the registration form provided below. You’ll need to provide additional details and upload any necessary documents or licenses.

B. Click on the “Username+Password” button to set up your user credentials.

(You must complete both A & B steps in order to complete the registration process)

  • The Vehiswap Support team will evaluate your registration and accompanying documents. This review process typically takes up to 48 hours.
  • Your registration status will be “pending” while it undergoes administrative approval.
  • Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email.

2. Vehicle Auction Submission (Log In To Seller Dashboard)
Input all required vehicle information (you can use a Vin decoder if needed).

Proceed with entering Vehicle Auction submission data.

(Please note that the auction will be pending until reviewed and approved by the VehiSwap Support team.)

Once approved, you’ll receive an email confirming that your auction is live.

During the auction period, you’ll receive email updates with the latest bids.

At the end of the auction, you’ll receive an email either confirming a successful high bid or, if there were no bids or bids that fell below the reserve, an email notifying you of the unsuccessful auction.

3. Successful High Bids
On your seller dashboard, you’ll be able to view pending payments for any auctioned vehicles.

After the buyer submits payment, your funds will be available for withdrawal within 24-36 hours. Please check the withdrawal link on your seller’s dashboard for available funds.

If no payment is confirmed within 48 hours, the vehicle may be re-listed for auction.

Once payment is received by VehiSwap, you’ll see your available funds (minus the VehiSwap seller admin fee of $150) which can be withdrawn from your VehiSwap account. To do this, link your preferred bank account to your withdrawal dashboard and select the transfer amount. The transfer of funds will be completed within 2-4 business days, depending on bank  processing timelines.

(While logistics for the transfer of the vehicle can be set up during this period, no transfer of the vehicle will be permitted until confirmation of clear funds can be confirmed by Vehiswap)

4. Vehicle Transfer to Buyer
Buyers will be required to use Vehiswap’s logistics program for the transfer of purchased vehicles. This is to assure the prompt, safe, and secure transfer of vehicle(s) and title to the buyer.

Once buyer finalizes payment, they will be directed to our logistics instant-quote page to coordinate vehicle transfer. A Vehiswap team member will reach out to both seller and buyer via call, text, or email to coordinate this process.

For support at any time, feel free to contact a member of the VehiSwap Support Team at (888) 341-6522

  • State Compliance
    We understand the complexities involved in legal and regulatory compliance when selling lien sale, impound, and total loss vehicles. Our platform is designed to strictly adhere to state and local laws, ensuring each transaction is compliant. You can sell your vehicles with peace of mind, knowing that all legal requirements are meticulously handled.


  • Guaranteed Sales
    With a membership base exclusively comprised of licensed auto dealers and auto dismantlers, your vehicles will have a high visibility amongst serious buyers. This gives you a higher probability of sales and eliminates the uncertainties associated with traditional methods of vehicle sales.


  • Eliminate Risks
    Our secure platform reduces the risks typically associated with selling vehicles. From managing secure transactions to vetting our members, we eliminate the risks, so you can sell with confidence.

Seller Disclosure Form

Click to download our seller disclosure agreement. Please print, sign and upload with all required documents in upload section of the Seller Information form below.

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    Upload your signed buyer disclosure agreement and a copy of your business license

    You’re Almost Done!

    After submitting your application for review, click on the “Set Up” button below to select your username and password.

    Welcome to VehiSwap, Where great opportunities await!

    Once you have set a username and password, your account will sill be pending for up to 24 hours while Vehiwap reviews your application. Upon approval you will be notified by email that your account is ready to access.

    Please note that all registrations are subject to approval. VehiSwap reserves the right to refuse membership at its discretion.