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About Vehiswap

#1 Source for vehicle remarketing, consolidation and administration

Vehiswap is a unique sales platform for any business looking to liquidate surplus vehicles. Whether it be retired fleet, lien sale, salvaged or any other vehicle, Vehiswap allows you the option to sell your vehicle on one global auction platform and eliminates the challenges that go along with selling a vehicle. Our unique process, along with our key industry partner, will give you the flexibility of selling your vehicles with minimal effort.

Vehiswap allows you to sell your vehicle in 3 simple steps.
1.) Fill out the assignment form
2.) Schedule vehicle for pickup
3.) Collect payment on sale of vehicle

The challenges and costs that go into selling a vehicle can be invasive. Auction fees, logistical issues, paperwork demands, inconsistent markets and buyer incompetence can be costly. Sell safely, directly and guaranteed with Vehiswap.


Vehiswap can assist you with your vehicle sale anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.